Hustle Dance Classes – What To Know!

Hustle dancing, otherwise known as disco dance, were greatly popular back in the 70’s. Today, it is more known as partner dancing in ballroom and nightclubs to disco music. It is very similar to in some ways to the swing dance. The basic steps are similar to that of the Discofox, which came out around the same time, being more familiar in European countries. Back in the 1970’s, there was a dance called the Hustle; the modern partner hustle was, and still is referred to as the New York Hustle, and people still do that dance today. The hustle was a five step count with no turns. In 1973, at a disco hall called The Grand Ball, a new type of touch dance, basically without a name, was being performed mainly by females.

The simple six-count step dance was very basic, just inside and outside single turns. Who would have thought that it would have eventually been named the Hustle and the young men at the clubs would become interested in this new form of dance. As the dance grew more popular, more and more people became interested in the dance and the Hustle would evolve. Being a more partner friendly dance, performed side by side, it continued to become more and more popular. The dance then became a dance that could be learned in a class by a well-educated dance instructor. Hustle Dance Classes are still taught today in single groups, partner groups, private classes as well as practice sessions.

These classes are still rather popular in today’s world. It just takes a time to find the best-fit partner. Not everyone is cut out to dance this style of dance. To be involved in a hustle class, it might be a good idea to invest in the appropriate attire for this specific class. For a female, that might include a classy dress, high heels, and a great partner. For a male, that would include a nice pair of slacks that are easy to move around the dance floor in, a good pair of dancing shoes, and of course a great partner. For more information and to find a class nearby, visit Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

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