Hurt in a Car Crash? Hire an Accident Lawyer in Charlottesville

It’s a terrifying experience when a driver sees a car aiming right at them. Before they have time to react, they are in a horrible accident. It’s even more frustrating for an injured person when they find out that they were hit by a drunk driver. Historically judges give drunk drivers very light sentences compared to the injuries they cause. However, the injured person can find some justice by suing the drunk driver for damages to compensate for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation should hire an Accident Lawyer in Charlottesville.

The lawyer will document the person’s injuries and then contact the insurance company that represents the drunk driver. The accident lawyer in Charlottesville will also hire a private investigator to find out where the person got the alcohol. If they find out that a bartender served the person numerous drinks and knew they were too drunk to drive, the bar owner is also liable for negligence. Determining who is responsible for the accident can be a complicated process.

It’s important for an injured person to hire a accident lawyer in Charlottesville because mounting a lawsuit is a complicated procedure. They should also do this as soon after the accident that they can. There are deadlines that have to be met or the injured person loses the right to file a claim. Insurance companies may send a representative to the hospital to offer a small amount of monetary compensation. If the injured person agrees to this they could lose all rights to obtain any more money. Their lawyer will prevent them from signing anything they shouldn’t.

While the insurance companies may not dispute the cause of the accident, they may dispute the extent of the injuries and pain and suffering. The Accident Lawyer in Charlottesville knows all of the ploys that insurance companies use to minimize the amount of the claims the pay out. Lawyers know expert doctors who can explain their client’s injuries to a jury. Not only will they explain the medical nature of the injury, but they can explain how the injury will limit the person for many years to come.

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