How Your Corporate Cafeteria Sets High Food Standards

There is a vast difference between suggesting and the reality that corporate food service companies are going to provide high standards in their commitment to producing fresh food prepared daily with the majority purchased from local markets.

As you make your choices throughout the process to select which of the corporate food service companies are going to manage your corporate cafeteria, it is better to seek realistic testimonials from management and employees who have been using the service over the longer term.

They will be able to explain the difference between what is suggested and what really happens. Is the company able to maintain such high standards?

Maintaining the Quality and Nutritional Value

Purchasing food fresh from local markets is a great start to any corporate cafeteria menu planning.

Where there is a regular supply of fresh vegetables and fruit your employees will no longer assume fast food expectations.

Your corporate food service companies must relay their aims to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats within the cooking process. Using healthy oils and removing trans fats will encourage better eating habits.

Your employees will have to get used to seasonal and sustainable ingredients, based upon supplies from local markets.

The corporate cafeteria will display food effectively so that it looks nutritious and is always attractive. Employees will form the habit that they are receiving healthy choices as they select from a varied menu.

Your corporate food service companies will apply high standards in using socially responsible vendors and avoid those that fail to make and maintain regular standards.

Where your employees are involved in forming the menu choices, there is a greater opportunity for cooperation and a busy corporate cafeteria.

Maintaining high standards is always a difficulty, but where there is a commitment to preserving a wide range of healthy choices, considering cultural and religious choices, the chances of success dramatically increase.

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