How Tree Maintenance in Marietta GA Protects Trees and Property

Keeping trees trimmed and pruned not only makes them look more attractive, but it can protect property as well. Trees that have been damaged by storms or are diseased can be weakened, and their branches could fall onto roofs, on cars, or in the street. To prevent being liable for property damage, a tree surgeon can provide these services.

Removing Dead Wood

As trees grow, some branches or limbs naturally die, which can make them break and fall during heavy wind or ice storms. With regular tree maintenance in Marietta GA, a tree surgeon will trim dead branches in a process called deadwood so they don’t fall onto public streets, your yard, or your neighbor’s property. Your trees should be regularly inspected and checked for dead wood so it can be promptly removed.

Crown Lifting

If you have trees in the back part of your property, you may have too much shade on your lawn, which can prevent grass from growing. To allow more light onto your lawn, a tree surgeon can perform a tree maintenance technique called crown lifting. This removes some branches and limbs from the lower part of the tree, lifting the height of the crown to allow more sunlight onto your yard.

Hedge Reduction

Along with trimming trees, a tree surgeon can also trim hedges or remove them if they have become overgrown. Regular trimming by tree experts such as those at TreeJob can make hedges full and tight as they should be. If they are too high or have been neglected, they can also cut them back, so they look nice again.

Proper tree maintenance will protect the health of trees and hedges. Trimming them back too much will not only make them look bare but can accidently kill them, so you need to hire tree experts who know what they’re doing.

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