How Traceability Software Can Improve Your Farm’s Bottom Line

Traceability software is becoming increasingly common in farming. Many farms nearby are probably already using it. Traceability allows for an increase in consumer confidence because the source of food is easily traced along its path through the supply chain. A variety of farm crops use traceability solutions around the world. It allows regulators to monitor compliance with local regulations and improves the safety of food products.

What You Need to Know About Traceability Software

This software is a SaaS product, or software as a service. It includes a variety of features that allow the food product to be tracked easily through the supply chain. The software creates a unique ID for farms, locations, and farmers as well as batch/labels for the food product that includes a bar/QR code. Each movement of the food product is traced until it reaches the point of processing. A new Bar/QR code can then trace it through the system until it reaches its endpoint with the consumer.

When selecting a SaaS product for your farming operation, choose one that used internationally accepted numbering systems and allows for standard registration, such as GS1, to be integrated into your system. It is also beneficial if you can print the traceability labels/QR codes.

The SaaS should be well-designed and easy to use to ensure the best compliance. It should include a mobile application for individuals in the field as well as a desktop application for central operations and managers. The mobile app should work with or without the internet and be easy to use. The desktop app should allow for real-time reporting.

If you are looking for ways to trace your product through the supply chain, contact SourceTrace Systems at They will be happy to provide a free demonstration of their services.