How To Use Your Workout Equipment Right!

When training at home or in the gym, you need to know what you’re doing is right. This is a very important step to any exercise as a wrong move could cause a lot of pain and damage. Simple sprains, torn ligaments and even broken bones are the result if you don’t treat your equipment right. This article will outline simple safety tips for workout equipment, from Crossfit Rack to deadlifting, and also exercise session tips. If you follow these guidelines than you should lead an injury free training session.


Standard Barbell – Know what’s right for you, whether free lifting or bench-pressing, get a feel for the weight before you begin. This was you will avoid any nasty surprises. Ask a friend or instructor to support you if you’re not sure.

Special Barbell – Only use equipment if you know how to. There’s normally a specialist kit in each gym. Only use this kit if you’ve been told or shown how to use it. Un-even weight distribution will not be so obvious when using specialist equipment.

Dumbbells – Again, similarly to barbells know what your lifting and don’t push it too much. People have been known to tear a bicep due to trying to show off and lift a dumbbell too heavy for their arm.

Deadlifts – Have a friend or instructor supporting whenever you deadlift. NEVER TRY ALONE. Deadlifts can be one of the most dangerous workouts, possibly damaging your back, neck, spine, arms and legs. If you can’t do it, accept it and work towards it, don’t force your body to do something it physically can’t.

Larger Equipment/Workouts

Crossfit Rack – When using the rack have a pre-set course, don’t just randomly use whatever you think of next. The rack can be a very useful tool when working out if used right. Know what you’re working on and stick to it. Be realistic, using the Crossfit Rack may make you want to do everything, but remember the kit might be better but your body is the same. Listen to what it wants.

Outside Circuits – When doing circuits outside be attentive when using the equipment in parks. Some local authorities might not maintain park equipment like they should. So make sure they are safe to use. Also be logical. If it has been raining for example, be weary when jumping on monkey bars, the wet bars will cause you to slip and fall.

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