How to Use the Euro Kitchen Chef Slicer

When cooking for your family, it is always nice to have a helper. Even, the smallest of kitchen gadgets, can make a big difference. There is always something to slice up when making a home cooked meal. When you need to slice a lot of vegetable, it can be very tedious and time consuming. A kitchen gadget to make the slicing easier and faster is a blessing. The Euro Kitchen Chef Slicer is definitely that blessing.

The Euro Kitchen Chef Slicer is a simple item that makes slicing a breeze. All you do is place the item to be sliced in the hand guard. You slide it down the Euro Kitchen Chef Slicer, applying a little pressure. Each time it passes the blade a perfect slice is made. It is quite simple and easy to use. It can cut your prep time down considerably. Making it easier for a home cooked meal.

The Euro Kitchen Chef Slicer has many great features. It has a dial on the side so you can change the blade option. There are four different blade types on the slicer. This makes it easy to slice anything any way you need it. The hand guard is a great convenience, as well. It holds the vegetable in place, letting you slide it easily over the blade. It also helps to keep you safe. The hand guard can eliminate those nasty cuts that happen when slicing vegetables.

Cleaning the slicer is a convenience, as well. All you need to do is run a brush across the blades to ensure there are no stuck food particle and then, throw it in the dishwasher. This simple little gadget can take a lot of the time and annoyances that come with cooking away.

Another benefit, of this little gadget, is it doesn’t need plugged in. With all the appliances and items in your kitchen, you do not need a new space to try to fit it in. Just hold it over your cutting board and watch the perfect slices fall.

The Euro Kitchen Chef Slicer is a handy tool for any kitchen. It makes home cooked meals easier. Even the most novice of cooks, can get perfect slices, with this little gadget.

Dazzle your family and your guests with platters and salads of perfectly sliced fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheeses and meats. Thick or thin, they will slice perfectly every time!


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