How To Use Marble Polishing Powder On Any Marble Surface

Marble is a beautiful and rich natural product that is popular for use as countertops, flooring and in creating custom sinks, bathtubs and showers. Keeping your marble looking beautiful, smooth and shiny is easy if you use a marble polishing powder that is specifically designed for use with this material.

The most obvious signs that you need to use marble polishing powder on marble surfaces are areas of dullness or stains caused by water, surface rubbing or abrasion or slight scratching. Having a small container of this powder on hand will allow you to quickly handle problem areas on floors, countertops and fixtures without the need to call in marble care technicians or have the entire surface polished by professionals.

Safety First with Mable Polishing Powder in the Home

Marble polishing etch remover, which is the same type of polishing product, is also very effective in removing unsightly rings left by glasses, pots and pans or by wet surface that repeatedly comes in contact with the marble over time.

It is important to use gloves when handling these polishing products. The powders that are sold at Mbstonecare are ideal for home use, with just the use of gloves as a safety measure, because they don’t require any specialized equipment. Just make sure to avoid contact with your skin and always wash immediately if any contact occurs.

The Process of Using Marble Polish Etch Remover

Using marble polish etch remover is quite simple. Just take one or two pinches of the powder out of the container and spray with a misting bottle to moisten. Using a soft cloth, such as a washcloth, gently use slight pressure to rub the moistened powder onto the marble using the cloth.

In a few moments the surface will be shiny and scratch or water stain free. Add a spray or two more of water and gently rub the cloth in circles outward from the treated area to blend the polished surface area with the rest of the marble.

This terrific product available from MB Stone Care is one of those must have stone care supplies you need to have on hand. The powder will last forever if you ensure the lid is secured and it is stored in a dry area.

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