How to Taste for the Best California Wine in NY

While there are a variety of quality wines that come from all over the world, some of the finest are grown and aged in California. While you could spend a great deal of money on expensive imports, you can save your hard earned money and get quality wines by choosing a domestic brand instead. Before you rush out and stock up on a brand, you need to make sure you like the flavor and that it will pair well with what you intend to drink it with. While just drinking the wine may help give you an idea, if you follow the three steps below you can rest assured you are experiencing the full depth of flavor.

In the Glass

After you have poured the wine, look at it. Examine the color and gently swirl the wine in the glass. It should produce striking legs or lines as it settles into the bottom of the glass. If not, it may not be a quality wine. You should also sniff the wine for aroma. This will help prepare your taste buds for the flavor before you take your first sip.


As you take your first sip, make sure you slowly tip the glass and lightly slurp the wine into your mouth. This will help add oxygen to the wine before it hits your taste buds and will further develop the overall flavor profile that you experience. Don’t swallow too quickly, but instead allow the wine to set on tongue so you can fully explore its body and depth of flavor.


After you have an idea of the overall flavor of the wine, try pairing it with various items. Make sure you include both sweet and savory items. Chocolate and red meat are mostly paired with red wines, whereas chicken and seafood are generally paired with white. Make sure the wine you choose will pair well before serving your dinner guests.

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