How To Securely Pack Your Breakable Items Before The Wichita Movers Arrive

As you box up your belongings before the Wichita Movers arrive, you’ll have to take special care when packing up your breakable items. Below you’ll discover some important tips to follow so that your fragile items will arrive unbroken.

1. Purchase plastic bubble packing material for wrapping your breakable dishes and knickknacks. You can purchase bubble cushioning in three different sizes. These are available in small, medium or large bubbles. Use the smallest sized bubbles for wrapping small items that aren’t very heavy. Wrap heavier breakables in medium bubble material for better protection. To secure fragile items that are large, such as a television set, use the large sized bubble material.

2. After wrapping your breakables in the bubble cushion, place more bubble material inside of the box between each fragile item. This will add extra padding and it will keep your breakables from knocking together in the box. You can also use crinkled up newspaper to place between the items.

3. When wrapping your glass items in bubbles, always place the bubble side next to the object for maximum protection.

4. Don’t place breakable items into large packing boxes because the boxes will be too heavy to carry. Use medium sized boxes instead, to make transport easier. After packing up your first box, pick it up to make sure that you can carry it safely. If not, put the items into smaller packing boxes.

5. After filling up each box, seal the top with packing tape. Use a large felt tip marker to write the contents on the top and on one side of the box. Don’t forget to write on the box that the contents inside are breakable.

6. You can purchase packing boxes and materials from the moving company for all of your belongings. If you prefer not to pack them yourself, experienced Wichita Movers can do the packing for you.

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