How to Protect Your Home From a Fire

At Thompson Valley Restoration DKI, our Kamloops renovations contractors have seen their fair share of fire damage. Although many fires are caused by adverse weather conditions, some fires can be prevented. As a homeowner, it’s important for you to take precautions to protect your family and property. Here’s what you can do to avoid fire.

Keep cigarettes out of your home
Cigarette fires destroy over 17,000 homes per year. One cigarette can destroy your entire home, not to mention put your family’s lives in danger. That’s the reason you shouldn’t allow smoking in or around your home.

Buy fire extinguishers
Fire extinguishers can put out fires before they get out of hand. This is especially true for kitchen grease fires. If you think fire extinguishers are just for restaurants and retail establishments, think again. Thousands of lives can be saved each year when homeowners purchase fire extinguishers.

Watch your stove
It can be tempting to leave a boiling pot on the stove unattended. The truth is it only takes a second for a fire to start. Always watch the stove when you’re cooking. Pay attention to space heaters and electric blankets It’s never a good idea to have clothing or blankets near a space heater. They can overheat and cause an uncontrollable fire. Never leave a space heater on for an extended period. Always unplug your electric blanket when you’re not using it.

Have an evacuation plan
Sometimes, house fires can get out of hand. That’s why it’s important for your family to know what to do if a fire breaks out. Looking for contractors for Kamloops renovations? Contact Thompson Valley Restoration DKI for quick assistance. We provide renovation services for hazardous materials, water damage and fire damage.

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