How to Properly Organize Your Garage to Provide Maximum Functionality

If you’re one of the millions of people who can’t fit their vehicle in their garage, it’s time you got around to transforming your garage into a space you can be proud of. Your garage doesn’t have to be a cluttered mess. Instead, it can be organized and functional, allowing you to complete projects more quickly and find new uses for this part of your home that you hadn’t even thought of. Here are some simple steps to great garage organization.

Clear It Out

Before you can clean, you have to make a mess of sorts. Pull every last thing out of your garage so that you can see exactly what you have. If your garage is especially cluttered, you’ll likely find duplicates of multiple items that you didn’t even know you had. Once everything has been pulled out, sort through the items until you’re left with belongings that are useful for your home and the projects you do. When you have that completed, it’s time to organize the items that remain.

Organize It

Utilizing various types of hooks, cabinets, shelves, and other organization tools, arrange your garage in a way that allows you to get work done and still have plenty of space to store your vehicle. Cabinets or shelves work best as they provide an extra room that extends from the walls to provide more space for larger items. However, if you have a smaller garage, your walls themselves can become great organizational tools when you deck them out with pegboard and hooks.

Spruce It Up

To help you continue to take pride in your garage after the organizational process is complete, you might consider replacing your garage door. Adding a beautiful new door from a garage door company in Titusville, FL, will serve as a tangible reminder of the hard work you invested in organizing this space. That way, when you’re tempted to let things fall into disarray again, you can take one look at your new garage door and remind yourself that staying organized is worth the effort.

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