How to Prevent Contaminated Food From Entering the Food Supply Chain

Every year there’s a news story about how some agricultural product has been contaminated by this or that bacteria. That product has to be recalled for public health reasons, but an even bigger problem is tracking the contaminated food from its source to the stores where it was shipped. Food safety management systems are constantly updated to keep track of these shipments, but it doesn’t make it any less easy. If you are in charge of agricultural food source shipping, you might want to try the latest app for a new food safety management system. Here’s what it does and how it can help get those contaminated foods pulled from store shelves and displays.

Track Both Domestic and Foreign Shipments

A lot of agro-food tracking software tends to track just domestic shipments. That really doesn’t help if the problem with a contaminated food is connected with a foreign shipment. That’s where this new app can track the shipments you receive from Mexico, South America, and other international regions of food goods. Any foods stored with and next to the contaminated goods can also be tracked simultaneously.

Send Immediate Recalls on Tracked Shipments

Regardless of where a contaminated shipment has gone, you can send a recall right away. The app makes it very easy to send a recall out on a shipment. Create the recall message and reason, add to the shipments tracked that were contaminated, and send it in real-time. Grocers and store dock workers will get the message almost immediately and know that they have to pull these products.

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