How to Prepare an Area for Grass Seeding After Contracting Stump Grinding Services in Cambridge

Stump Grinding Services in Cambridge offer property owners the means of quickly and efficiently getting rid of unwanted tree stumps left behind after a tree removal. Getting rid of the stumps is usually just the first step toward beautifying the yard, though. Read on to find out how to prepare the area for new grass or other plantings.

Test the Soil

All the sawdust left behind after a stump has been ground in place can negatively impact soil quality. It tends to lead to decreased nitrogen levels, making it difficult to grow grass and other plants in the earth that’s left behind. It’s a good idea to check nitrogen and other nutrient levels in the soil to determine whether additional steps must be taken to fully remediate the area.

Get Rid of the Dust

The sawdust left behind after a stump has been removed can take years to decompose naturally. That’s why it’s a good idea to remove as much of it as possible to avoid nitrogen deficiencies in the surrounding soil. It’s not generally necessary to remove every single scrap of sawdust, but reducing the amount that’s left behind before adding topsoil to fill the hole can go a long way toward ensuring healthy nutrient levels.

Add Fertilizer

Nitrogen-rich fertilizers can help make up for the effects of sawdust in the area and prepare the area for new growth. Most experts recommend using a mix of quick-release and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer and mixing it with topsoil. Keep in mind, though, that those who do not remove the sawdust prior to applying fertilizer should still expect to wait up to a year for the area to support grass again.

Hire a Landscaping Service

The easiest way to get the area left behind after Stump Grinding Services in Cambridge have removed the stump is to contract the stump grinding through a company that also offers other landscaping services. That way, the same company can do everything from removing the stump itself to getting rid of all that sawdust and preparing the area for new growth. Visit us online to learn about one local landscaping company that does it all to get started today.

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