How to Obtain a CDL in Illinois

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Illinois is the first step to an amazing career that keeps you on the road and earning the big bucks driving an 18-wheeler. Men and women 18 years of age and older can attain a CDL as long as their driving record is satisfactory and all tests are successfully completed. In just a few short weeks with the right training these individuals can find themselves on the road earning a great income while enjoying non-stop travel.

CDL Testing in Illinois
Driving an 18-wheeler requires a special license to be obtained, called the commercial driver’s license (CDL). Before obtaining this license, certification must be obtained through a training program. In the state of Illinois an individual can learn the skills of truck driving like a pro through a state-approved training school. These schools provide training for all who want to obtain their CDL in just a few short weeks. Attending such a training program helps show truck driving companies that you really know how to drive and have what it takes to be a great truck driver. Once the training has been completed, several exams must also be successfully taken in order to qualify for the CDL.

In addition you must head to the Illinois Secretary of State Driver Facility and apply for the commercial driver’s license. You will need to have a commercial vehicle available that you can take a road test with, though this is only one-third of the licensing process. A pre-trip inspection is required as well as a basic skills exam which includes skills such as driving around cones, parallel parking, and other common maneuvers. When this exam is completed you have earned the privilege of holding a CDL in Illinois. Bear in mind that there is a fee of $60 for the license and a fee for the exam that must be paid during the visit.

A Medical Examiner’s certificate must be obtained and carried with you at all times. These forms are available at the Illinois State Police headquarters. Finally, after obtaining your Medical Examiner certification, the hard work is done and you will be driving in no time.

Certificates & Getting your Job
The only thing stopping you is finding a job, and that, too, is not a difficult task. It is estimated that there will be a need for more than 65,000 truck drivers in the next few years, meaning no shortage of work for people with a CDL, whether you want a local or long-distance run.

Star Truck Driving School, Inc. is a top choice for all individuals who are serious about earning a CLD in Illinois. The school provides outstanding training – some of the best in the nation – that focuses on your success.

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