How to Make Your Furnished Brooklyn Apartment Feel Like Home

There are tons of beautifully furnished apartments for rent in Brooklyn. While the reason for moving into one can vary, the desire to make it feel like home is universal. Sometimes the location and building perfectly suit your needs, but the décor could use some personalization. With a bit of ingenuity, it’s possible to restyle a furnished place so if feels like you’ve selected the pieces yourself, yet still maintain the integrity of the pieces already in place.

Create a Blank Canvas

Start by taking photos of the space as-is, so you know exactly how to put everything back. Some furnished apartments for rent in Brooklyn will come with everything you need from linens to TV sets, while others will provide just the basics. Determine how much storage space you have for items you don’t need or don’t suit your style.  Then, carefully remove and stow the items that won’t be used.


Now that you have an area ready to add your own special touch to, come up with some ideas of what you’d like to see or what’s missing. It’s easy to add personal items,like knickknacks, that you’ve brought with you. Your photos and pictures can be hung on the now-empty hooks or, clear a shelf and create a standing display. You can also use your own bedding, pillows and throws for an instant taste of home. A new shower curtain and bath set can be switched out in minutes as well.  Considering each renter uses space differently, sometimes simply rearranging furniture to suit your own needs can have a huge impact.

Get Creative

Although you can’t exactly give the space a total overhaul, there are many temporary alterations you can make. Walls and cabinets can be updated with removable decals.  Sofas and even dining room chairs can be freshened up with slip covers. Tablecloths can also add warmth to a space. Plants can make it feel more like home, as can bringing your own scents. Wax melts, oil diffusers and potpourri are safe options. Sometimes it’s even possible to switch out window treatments to bring more color into a room. You can also add bedside tables, bookshelves and coffee tables with ease. If you plan to stay awhile, your landlord may give permission to make individual changes, like updating paint. Picking up additional items from secondhand stores or websites that specialize in peer-to-peer sales works well if your search included furnished apartments for rent in Brooklyn out of frugality.

Go at your own pace when redecorating. Investing additional time will give you a sense of pride and ownership, which will also make it feel more like home. There are some limitations when updating a furnished space, but a little creativity can go a long way.

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