How to live comfortably in your Open Concept Apartment

Newly renovated Brooklyn NY Apartment Rentals are often open concept and finding the best way to live comfortably in an open concept can sometimes take a bit of adjustment. You will finally have the large open living space you have always wanted and you can use these tricks to make the space work for your needs. Here are a few ideas:

  •     Create Vignettes: Your open space will provide a number of functions. Therefore you have to make sure you assign clear areas to function as you need them. In most cases you are looking at a living room as well as a dining area. If your space is large enough focus dining in close proximity to the kitchen and decide if you actually need or can accommodate a full dining table and chairs. If you have a breakfast bar consider purchasing a few adjustable bar stools that can be used at the bar for everyday use and then turned around and lowered to seat additional people at the dining table. This can work very well in an open concept space. Look at your living room and configure the room in a way that people can face you when working in the kitchen if possible. This works well if you entertain often.
  •     Create Separation: If you want to create more separation consider using small shelving units or partitions to create individual areas if you prefer a cosier feel. You can also use pieces of furniture such as sofas or sofa tables to cordon off areas quite effectively. This works well as it allows you to keep the lines of the room open yet still create borders for each area of the larger space.
  •     Create Visual Borders: You can also use area rugs to create visual borders. One placed in the dining area and another in the living area will give the feeling of two separate areas without walls. You should use either matching rugs, or rugs in the same size and color geometric to avoid a feeling of messiness.
  •     Create Storage: Open concepts can sometimes get messy faster as everything is visible no matter where you are in the apartment. Look for opportunities for storage such as an armoire, shelving units with drawers or coffee tables that open up like a trunk.

Open concept in Brooklyn NY apartment rentals are filled with light and airiness you will love. These tips will keep things organized and visually calming.


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