How to Know If You’re Choosing the Best Lobster for Your Meal

Instead of going to a seafood restaurant, you can order lobster online and prepare it how you want. Although most companies try to monitor the quality of the lobster that is sold, there are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re making a purchase so that you get the best seafood possible. First, determine whether you want hard-shell or soft-shell lobster. One that has a soft shell is a lobster that has recently shed, resulting in meat that has a sweeter flavor.

When you buy fresh lobster online, try to look at images of the underbody. Claws should be clean, and they should be bright red in color. You want to make sure there are no scratches or scrapes on the area underneath the lobster as well. If the area isn’t clean, then the lobster likely hasn’t shed recently, which could mean that the meat is tough and doesn’t have as much sweetness as a lobster that has recently shed its shell.

Once you get the lobster, pay attention to how it smells. There should be no odor when you buy fresh lobster online. When you talk to the company that sells the lobster, make sure it ships your seafood in water because lobster will begin to eat itself soon after it’s removed from its aquatic surroundings. This also means that you should prepare the seafood soon after it’s removed from the water at your home. Pay attention to the sizes of the antennae of the lobsters that are shown online before you make a purchase. Over time, lobsters will eat the antennae of others that are in a tank. Those that have longer antennae are often fresher, which means that the meat will have more flavor. Try to purchase lobster from areas that are known for fresh seafood, such as the coast of Maine or Canada.

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