How to Know if You Need French Drains in Westford MA

Before you decide if you are going to need a French drain on your property, you need to understand what a French drain is and what it does. Homes with French drains in Westford, MA have them to help prevent flooding on a specific area of their property. French drains are installed in order to help drain water off of an area. It simply looks like a ditch that is lined with gravel or rocks for proper drainage. How do you know if you need a French drain?

Do you get water in your basement?
If you have a basement in your home and you see water getting into it, you might need a French drain. You may also hear these drains called footing drains by some professionals. It will be dug around the perimeter of the basement area to intercept water before if can get into your basement. Drains around your basement will be around six feet deep depending on the landscaping of your yard. Sometimes you can have an interior French drain installed for the basement. It is often better than the footing drain for keeping your basement dry.

Do you have surface water standing on low-lying areas?
Does your property have a low-lying area that tends to hold standing water after a rain? If so, a shallow French drain, or curtain drain, can be dug to provide a channel for the water to run out of that area. Two feet deep is plenty to keep water from standing on low-lying areas.

Does your garden hold water?
Some people with garden spots in their yards have a French drain dug to prevent too much water from spoiling their garden area. It provides a good drainage solution that can be dug all the way around the garden so excess water drains off while still providing ample irrigation for your garden.

Other instances where you might need a French drain is where you are building a retaining wall on a hilly area or around any area of your home or property that does not have ample drainage. If you think this drainage option might be suitable for your needs, consult with concrete and basement home improvement experts.

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