How to Keep Yourself Safe in a Construction Site

Many injuries continue to happen in a number of construction sites within Queens, NY. Despite the fact that most contractors try as much as they can to train their workers on the safety procedures while working on site, this is not enough to eliminate completely the injuries in the sites. It therefore calls for personal responsibility where one needs to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that he is not exposed to any form of injuries while at the construction site. Below are some tips to ensure personal safety while you are working.

Protective Gear

It is important that every person present in any construction site have the appropriate protective gear on. These include protection for your feet, eyes, hands, and most importantly your head. You should also avoid working on loose clothes that can get trapped by nails easily. It is advisable that you work on an overall coat other than using your normal clothes. Failing to put on the correct gear may make it hard for a construction site accident attorney in Queens, NY to prove your case in case of an injury. This is because you failed to take all the necessary measures to ensure that you are safe.

Safety with Electrical Equipment

Most of the electrical equipment used in the construction sites draw a lot of current and may have lethal consequences in case of an accident. While handling electrical equipment, ensure that you have the appropriate gloves and boots on. Also be careful to take note of all the rotating parts so that you don’t stumble on them accidentally as they are normally the major causes of injuries with such equipment. Most importantly to ensure that electrical wires do not lie all over the place and that the machine is placed and operated on dry surfaces free from any fluids.

Be aware of your surrounding

Many accidents happening in construction sites across Queens Way, NY are as a result of people not being aware of what is happening around them in the construction site. You should maintain high level of alertness so that you notice any turning trucks, maneuvering forklifts, falling objects etc. Being alert can help you make the right reactions in case of an emergency and avoid getting injured.

Work on safe grounds

Certain accidents in a construction site are as a result of slipping or tripping over on the floor. You need to ensure that all floors are dry and cleared of any debris or remains of construction materials. The alleys should also be free to facilitate easy movement with heavy materials. Keep away all wires or ropes that can trip someone and make them fall. Should you still sustain an injury after observing the above then you should get the services of a construction site accident attorney in Queens, NY.


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