How to Impress the Judge While Out on Bail Waiting for Sentencing

You are in a serious bind and could be facing jail time. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is how you respond. You have gone before the court and reviewed a plea offer from the prosecutor. It was in your best interest to take the plea, but sentencing is at the court’s discretion. Read on to find out things you can do to persuade the judge not to recommend prison time.

Take DWI Classes

If your crime has to do with driving under the influence, then you should enroll in a DWI programs in Eagan. You will need to face your alcohol addiction to keep from repeating the offense. You will have to pay for the class and attend in public. The DWI programs in Eagan may include counseling, education on your state laws, and group discussions about alcohol abuse.

Seek Employment

If you do not have a job, then you should start looking for one. It would help to secure a job before your next court appearance. It shows you can be a productive member of society.

Maintain Family Responsibilities

If you are married or have kids, then you need to step up to your responsibilities. Now is not the time to slack off. It shows the judge you have a purpose and care about someone else.

You could choose to take this case to trial. If you lose, then you could end facing more jail time. It helps to accept accountability for your actions and to ask the court for mercy. Contact River Ridge at for treatment today.

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