How to Hire a Professional for Road Line Striping in Norwich, CT

Road stripes and marking are used for a variety of reasons. The white stripes that you see on the road are designed to delineate traffic lanes, and to provide guidance to drivers in the darkness. In areas where high traffic is not allowed, such as school zones or certain public properties, the road line striping and markings are often used to inform drivers to slow down their vehicles or drive in a particular lane. If you want to get striping work done on the roads on your street or on your driveway, you will need to hire a professional for making the markings. Here are a few tips to help you hire the right company for the striping work.

Check for Companies Online

There are several companies throughout Norwich that specialize in repairing and installing new driveways. Many of these companies also offer road line striping in Norwich, CT. You should limit your search to companies that offer driveway maintenance and road marking services if you want to find a decent company quickly. Local companies such as have plenty of experience in making markings or stripes on the road, and they will get the job done within a few hours.


The company will charge a fee proportionate to the area that needs to be covered. The length of the road that needs to be striped will be measured, and the company will give you a quote. If you agree, they will start with the road line striping work. You should know that these companies use a special type of paint that has very high visibility and also lasts much longer before beginning to fade. You can negotiate the fee with the company before hiring them for the job.

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