How To Hire A Humorist Speaker

Whether you want business, keynote, motivational, inspirational or a humorist speaker, you have many available options. This can sometimes make it harder to find one because you have to consider multiple people and many different websites. However, there are some helpful tips that can make this time easier to complete.


Humorists are much different than other speakers. They can be a keynote, motivational or inspirational, as well as funny, but the problem is that everyone has a particular sense of humor, and it can be very easy to offend others. Therefore, professionalism is essential when choosing speakers because they will be able to handle any problems and any untoward things that happen during the speech. Anything can go wrong in an event or seminar, and it’s important that the person you select to speak understands this and can twist it around to a positive.


Would you hire people into your company without checking their references? You shouldn’t hire professional speakers without talking with the previous clients. Make sure to ask for a list of references you can call or contact, and then follow up by contacting them. Make a list of questions or concerns you are feeling and see if those people can answer those questions or quell those concerns. If not, consider a different person for your event.


Everyone has their style of humor, so it’s always a good idea to ask the humorist speaker about their style. Methods can include clean jokes, humor aimed at themselves, something that gives an uplifting, positive and funny message or something that draws people together. They may want to include real-life examples and stories, use computer programs or even writing songs or poetry to convey their messages.

Your Objectives/Purpose

What is the reason for the event or meeting? Do you just want to bring employees together to get to know one another better, entertainment or impress them with educational information? Do you want motivation or inspiration or would you rather just have something hysterically funny? Many humorists can do multiple things, so you want to convey what you wish to achieve from the experience and see if they can perform.


It is important to ensure that the professional you choose understands the demographics of the audience. Women will react differently to humor if men are present. Employees respond differently when administration or supervisors are in the room. Let them know who will be there, so they can plan everything.

A humorist speaker should be professional, have references and fit your needs and purpose well.

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