How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Burlington, WA

If you were recently involved in an accident that left you as the prime suspect in a criminal proceeding, then it is important that you find a legal professional who can help you with all of the criminal charges you will face. If you don’t have quality representation, then you could end up spending time in jail, even if you didn’t commit the crime. Don’t let that happen to you when you can ensure your freedom by letting a lawyer take care of all the hard work for you. If you have never hired an attorney, then you may not know the best way to start the process. If you follow these three tips, you can find a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Burlington, WA who will have your best interest at heart.

Experience : The attorney you hire should have the experience to determine what kind of sentence you can expect and know how to proceed with your court appearances, so you can get the largest break possible. Don’t trust an attorney who isn’t experienced in your area of law, as this can cause a bad outcome and a great deal of wasted money on your part.

Reputation : Make sure the attorney you hire has a reputation for providing quality representation, and they conduct themselves legally and ethically. You can verify this by asking individuals who have used them for services before about their experience, and by contacting the BAR association in your State or County. Don’t settle for a lawyer who isn’t well known for their commitment to the law and truth.

Fees : It is important that you find an attorney you can afford. Ask about any fees upfront so you can rest assured that you will not be overpaying for you representation. You should also ensure you understand exactly what you get for your payment. This will keep you from being disappointed by their inability to properly represent you in the future.

Don’t think you have to go into your criminal proceedings alone. If you are looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Burlington, WA, then contact the office of Roy and Jennifer Howson. They have the experience to ensure that your case will be handled fairly and legally. Don’t delay get the help you need by contacting Howson Law Office today.

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