How to Gain Access to a Free Mobile Phone With Services in Colorado

Have you been utilizing government assistance programs like SNAP, WIC, SSI, Medicaid, and/or other programs to help sustain you and your family? If so, then there might be other programs that can also help you lower your costs when it comes to a necessity that is considered by others as an accessory, a mobile phone. But, how?

How to Qualify

There are two ways to qualify for a mobile phone with services like talk minutes, text messaging, and data services. If you participate in a government assistance program like the ones mentioned above, then you have met one requirement for these types of programs to help you gain access to a cellphone. Another way to help you qualify is through income-based eligibility if you live in the state of Colorado.

Don’t Live in Colorado? No Problem.

Maybe you are now growing increasingly concerned that you will not be eligible as you do not live in Colorado. Don’t worry. You can still qualify. The Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs are government assistance programs that are available to residents in California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

How to Apply

Perhaps you are thrilled to find out that these programs are available in your state and are now wondering how to apply for the Lifeline phone service in Colorado. Visit The website will help you gain access to everything you will need to help you apply and qualify for these cost-saving programs. What are you waiting for? Apply for the Lifeline phone service in Colorado right away. Visit to get started today.

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