How To Find A Speaker in Chicago Last Minute

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Sales coaching

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There are various techniques you may use to find a skilled individual who can engage and inspire your audience, whether you’re hosting a conference, seminar, or any other event in Chicago. In this list, we’ll outline some practical steps you can take to find a speaker in Chicago quickly. So let’s dive in and explore these effective methods that will help you locate the perfect speaker to elevate your event.

  1. Utilize online speaker directories: Visit online speaker directories such as SpeakerHub, SpeakerMatch, or eSpeakers. These platforms allow you to search for speakers based on location, topic, and availability. You can browse through the profiles of speakers in Chicago and contact them directly.
  1. Reach out to local event agencies: Contact event agencies or speaker bureaus in Chicago. These organizations specialize in connecting event organizers with suitable speakers. Provide them with your event details and ask if they have any available speakers who can meet your requirements on short notice.
  1. Contact local universities or colleges: Reach out to nearby universities or colleges with relevant departments or programs. Professors or subject matter experts may be willing to speak at your event, especially if it aligns with their area of expertise.
  1. Network through professional organizations: Tap into professional networks or industry associations in Chicago. Attend their events or reach out to their members, as they may be aware of speakers who can step in at short notice.
  1. Utilize social media: Leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to post about your urgent need for a speaker in Chicago. Ask for recommendations from your network or in relevant professional groups.
  1. Check local event listings: Browse local event listings, such as community websites, event platforms, or industry-specific calendars. Look for forthcoming events where speakers have already committed to speaking, then get in touch with those speakers to inquire about their availability for your event.
  1. Consider local professionals or celebrities: Think about local professionals, influencers, or celebrities who may be available and have relevant expertise. Look for local authors, journalists, entrepreneurs, or community leaders who could offer valuable insights to your audience.

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