How to Figure What Size Central Air Unit You Need in Madison, AL

When you need HVAC installation in Madison, AL, for a central air unit, one of the more important factors to consider is the size because the wrong size can make your home uncomfortable. Here are some simple ways to figure what size unit you need.

The Old Unit Label
If you have a central air unit already installed, look for the label on the metal box. This label should list the make and model. Not all central air makers include the model number, but the section includes the BTU size, which is usually the second set of numbers. For example, if the first two sections read DY135-038, the 038 is the number of BTUs it produces per hour, which equals 38,000 BTUs.

BTU Formulas
A standard formula for figuring load size is (square feet multiplied by 30 divided by 12,000)-1.0) to get the needed tonnage. To find square footage of a room, multiply length times width and round off to the next whole number. For smaller homes, you may need to multiply the square footage by 25 and subtract zero.

Manual J
For homes with no previous central air unit, HVAC contractors apply the Manual J method, though you won’t hear them mention it. The contractor determines unit size based on climate, room size, type of windows, type of appliances, ceiling height, number basements, and insulation type. Each contractor uses their own formula to suggest a unit size.

Pro Installation
The next step is to get the unit installed. When you’re ready for HVAC installation in Madison, AL, contact Joe East One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning at Sitename.

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