How to Evaluate an Intermodal Job in Chicago

An Intermodal Career

If you enjoy driving trucks but do not care much for handling freight, consider intermodal jobs in Chicago. You may wonder what is entailed in such a job, but the main deciding factors should be what qualifications you need and what requirements you have. Professional outfits must balance customer satisfaction with driver amenities.

Driver Requirements

Moving freight for a living will require an excellent and clean driving record and a special license, which you likely expect. However, intermodal driving involves more than delivering freight from one railway yard to another, as an example. You will also have to represent your company. As for any sales position, you need to be professional in appearance and mannerisms and capable of communicating effectively with clients. Moreover, you must have written skills that reflect knowledge in your field. Anyone who wants to hire you will request information about your past jobs and whether you were reliable and pleasant. Keep in mind, some prefer a year or more experience in intermodal driving. Expect regular drug testing.

Driver Amenities

When searching for intermodal jobs in Chicago, you should have requirements as well. Modern and well-maintained equipment will keep you safe as well as comfortable. Any company you consider should be as concerned as you about accident prevention. Top-tier intermodal businesses offer incentives for safe driving. Generally, you will not handle any freight. You want to feel comfortable that the equipment or vehicle you use will not break down. If you do happen to experience an inevitable malfunction, make sure measures like roadside assistance and 24-hour support are in place to get you back on your path quickly.

Intermodal Nondriving Options

Most intermodal jobs involve driving freight, but if you are intuitive, you can look for dispatcher jobs. You would map the drivers’ schedules and also monitor their logs for driving hours and violations. Additionally, you may have to keep an inventory of trucks and other equipment. As an intermodal dispatcher, you need proficiency with computers and software and advising drivers of impending road conditions. Weather conditions and road construction are a couple of the conditions you need to monitor. Another career option is as an owner or operator of an intermodal company. You often still need to drive and have knowledge of heavy equipment.

Who to Contact

If you have interest in an intermodal job in Chicago, contact us at or (630)920-0772 . At Larry’s Cartage, we are an asset-based carrier, operating company-owned equipment. We work in the Midwestern region, shipping intermodal containers from shipyards and railways in Chicago and specializing in same-day delivery service. Our compensation and driver benefits programs are competitive, with your safety and comfort paramount.

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