How to Determine the Best Nail Shape for You

It’s been proven that nail shapes create different effects on the hands and fingers. However, before going into detail of the different nails, we need to decide on what your intentions are. Are you trying to make a bold statement or want something to compliment your hands in an elegant way?

If you’re trying to go for an unconventional look either for Halloween or an everyday aesthetic, there are a wide selection of crazy nail options. There are stiletto shaped nails which are more on the bold, Rupaul side. You are bound to turn some heads with these. This shape is great if you’re looking to elongate short fingers too.

Do You Want Pointy Talons Like Kylie Jenner?
Talons and Lipsticks are nail designs that are part of the edgy, unconventional group as well. Suitable for narrow nails beds and slender fingers. This is the Lady Gaga of nail shapes. You can add nail art or lengthen for a fashion boost.

Ballerinas and Coffins
The chameleon of nail shapes, the ballerina also termed coffin is a style that’s instafamous and chic. Usually worn with a bold matte polish or acrylics. You’ll have a glamorous look with this shape. Perfect for formal dances, weddings, romantic dates, and other similar events.

The Modern Square
Square shaped nails are best for complimenting narrower nail beds and short nails. When on wider nail beds, the shape makes the hands and fingers look blocky. This is one of many options for some that wants a more modern look.

The Rest of the Nails
Round is the default choice. It compliments most average nails. The round shape makes them look thinner. They are also low-maintenance. This shape does well in not chipping nail polish. Squoval is a square-oval shape that follows the natural cuticle shape. Cosmetologist professional, and author of Cosmetics: the Care and Adornment of the Nail, Dr. Baran considers this the most flattering on people. Just add geometric nail art or a trending polish color and you are ready this season.

If you have small hands almond shape nails can help lengthen and slender the fingers. It’s a bit high maintenance, avoid the chipped polish! Very glam and worth it though. They go great with metallics and plain colors.

Best Nail Salon
There are varying lengths and shapes that help give your look a boost. Nails are beautiful and can add to your personality. If you are looking for the best nail salon in Delray Beach are you should stop by New You Hair and Nails. The gel manicure and pedicure will have your nails looking great.

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