How To Customize Your New Cottage

One of the exciting things about building a new cottage is that every aspect of it is fully customizeable. You can fine tune your home until it looks just as you have imagined it would. Your new cottage will be a beautiful vacation home or primary residence where you will have many peaceful nights and warm memories. You can enjoy all that your new cottage has to offer once you have taken the time to customize your options.

Choosing the roof color

You can choose from a variety of different roof colors for your new cottage. Whether you want to go with green to blend into the landscape or choose bright red to stand out from the foliage, the sky’s the limit on your options. From pale yellows to burnt umber, you are sure to find the perfect color that suits your preferences.

Select your interior paint

In addition to the exterior, you can also customize the interior of the property. Choosing the wall colors is simple especially you don’t have to paint them. You can simply select the perfect colors that match your tastes and preferences and then your home will be freshly painted and move in ready after the building process has been completed.


Carpet gives warmth and comfort to any room and is ideal for areas such as the loft of your cottage. If you would like to add in carpet, you can choose from the different colors available so that you can enjoy the perfect finish inside of your new home.

There are many additional elements to consider including the composite decking, flooring, cabinets, and tile. You can also choose the countertops and granite countertops that you would like to see in your brand new cottage.

When you take the time to make these selections, you are sure to enjoy a beautifully customized cottage that is just right for you.

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