How to Choose the Right Carpet in Mechanicsburg, PA

A new carpet is one of the quickest ways to bring new life to an outdated room. It’s also an investment; you want it to look great, and you want it to last. Here are some tips for choosing the right Carpet in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Opt for quality padding. Quality padding will extend the life of your carpet and improve the comfort of your room. Padding conceals sub-floor imperfections, absorbs sound and protects your carpet’s backing. It also provides cushioning; if you’ve ever sunk your toes into a carpet that felt particularly soft and luxurious, it was likely due to high quality padding.

Consider the room. What is the room you’re carpeting used for? If it’s a guest room, it probably doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic; almost any carpet would be suitable. If you’re carpeting a high traffic area, such as a family room or hallway, you need to consider your choice more carefully. Durable carpets that are easy to clean would be best for these areas.

Use color wisely. Light colored carpet probably isn’t ideal for rooms that see a lot of use, but there are many more things to consider when choosing color. A dark color might make a small room look and feel even smaller, but add coziness and warmth to a large room. The lighting in the room is also an important factor; a dark room can be brightened up with a light colored carpet. It’s a good idea to bring fabric swatches and paint chips with you when you go shopping for carpet. This will help you match the decor of your home.

Choose the right fiber. Carpet yarn can be made from several different fibers, and it’s important to choose the right fiber for the room. Wool is natural and durable, but it’s also more expensive than other fibers. It’s most often used for luxury carpets and area rugs. Nylon is a popular choice for its strength and resiliency. Polyester and polypropylene are colorfast, stain resistant and versatile. Polypropylene is also resistant to moisture and mildew, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor areas, or rooms where spills are likely. Visit their website

The right carpet can add comfort, warmth and style to any room. Put some thought into the look you’d like to achieve and the kind of foot traffic the carpet will receive, then talk to a qualified floor covering expert to help you decide on the perfect carpet for you.

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