How to Choose Captivating Motivational Speakers for Your Next Event

Running a simple Google or search engine query for motivational speakers can yield millions of possible results. Not all those links and speakers offer the same level of presentation. They are also different in their approach to motivating the audience, which often is a result of their focus and life experience.

Choosing motivational speakers is not always easy. It is important for the speaker to have a meaningful impact on the audience and to reach them with a deep connection. Finding these captivating motivational speakers may take a bit more time, but the results for the audience and for the business are well worth the added effort.

Know the Speaker’s Area of Expertise

The best captivating motivational speakers are those with real-world experience in areas that are relevant to the audience. For example, a motivational speaker for a sales team or sales conference should have experience in sales. A leadership motivational speaker should be able to speak about the day-to-day challenges that leaders experience.

Working with a motivational speaker with multiple areas of focus allows the integration of different concepts, experiences, and wisdom to create a very meaningful and engaging presentation.

Listen to the Speaker

Experienced and captivating motivational speakers provide snippets and online audio and video of their events. This is a great way to hear and experience the voice and presence of the speaker.

Listening to the audience’s reaction and getting to see and hear the speaker provides a clear picture of what you can expect at your event.

As one of the most captivating motivational speakers, Doug Dvorak uses personal expertise, experience, humor, and insight to inspire and motivate the audience. Doug does this for each group, large or small; making his presentations unique, passionate, profound, and engaging.

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