How to Choose a Myrtle Beach Elderly Care Facility for Your Senior Parent

When it comes time to consider your senior parent’s long-term care, you’ll have to begin searching for facilities that offer comprehensive elderly care in Myrtle Beach, SC. This can be a complicated and lengthy process because you’ll want to ensure your parent receives the best possible quality of care. In addition to considering the condition of the facility and the temperament of the staff, there are a few areas of care that you will want to evaluate.

Ask About the Menu

There are several factors to consider when it comes to meals that are provided to the residents in the facility. Primarily, you’ll want to ensure your parent will receive three meals per day and that each meal will provide natural sources of vitamins, fiber, and protein. You will also want to ask how special dietary needs will be addressed. If your parent has allergies or needs a specific nutrient, be sure those needs will be met.

Find Out How Medication is Administered

An important concern for seniors is ensuring they are taking their medication without accidentally overdosing. Find out how the staff ensures seniors are taking their medication. You may also want to find out how new medication is introduced to ensure changes are made efficiently as they become necessary. It may help you to meet with the facility’s on-call or staff doctor.

Learn About Daily Activities

Social and physical activities are essential for protecting physical, emotional, and cognitive health, so elderly care in Myrtle Beach, SC should include stimulation on a daily basis. Find out what types of activities each facility organizes for its residents. They should be able to go outdoors each day and interact with one another during periods of free time.

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