How To Choose A CNC Precision Machining Company

If you require precision work for a project, it is important to choose the right company. Not every CNC precision machining company is the right one for your particular needs. While some companies already have established relationships with a machine shop, others do not. The following tips can help you make a decision on what shop actually possesses the qualities your company and its components require.

Basic Qualities to Consider

It is easy to put together a list of potential candidates for the project. Talking to other companies as well as online research provides ample possibilities. However, it is never a good idea to take the word of a company’s own promotional material alone. Only research can provide you with enough data to make an informed decision. Consider the following.

  • Record: Look at their reputation in the milieu of CNC precision machining
  • Current and past projects: Find out what projects the company is working on and those done in the past. See if they are in line with what your company expects.
  • Experience: Does the shop have a prodigious amount of experience – specifically expertise and familiarity concerning this project
  • Communication skills: Does the resource personnel and other staff answer emails and other forms of communication promptly? How clear are they in their replies, questions, etc.?
  • Qualifications: Does the machine shop have the right qualifications and carry certifications for their various types of work? Do the staff have the training and educational credentials to perform the work?

Precision Machining

Whatever the project or component your company is considering producing externally, always be sure to choose the right machine shop. Compile a list of potential shops. Research all facets of their operations including capabilities, expertise, equipment, and qualifications. Only after determining the compatibility of your company (and its project) with the precision machining shop, should you proceed.