How to Change an Air Filter for a Central Air Conditioner

For a central AC system to perform its functions, it’s necessary for the air filter to be changed on a regular basis. Not doing this can result in undoing pressure being put on the AC system and higher energy bills. It can also cause indoor air quality to suffer from excess dust, allergens, mold, and toxins in the air. To facilitate filter changing, a person should learn the basics of it. The following information can assist with this task.

The filter compartment should first be located in the AC system. This is usually in the return air duct. In some systems, it’s around the furnace. Any fasteners should be removed, along with the compartment cover, and set to the side. These items will have to be replaced later. A person should carefully remove the filter so contents on its surface won’t be disturbed. Gloves can be worn when a filter is particularly dirty.

After removing the filter, a home owner can vacuum out the compartment if its dirty. The replacement air filter should be slid in carefully. There are usually arrows on a disposable filter indicating the right direction for insertion. The compartment cover and any fasteners should be put back into their form positions. The cover should not be forced back into place. When there is a hesitation, a person should look at the owner’s manual for instructions.

A home owner can use a disposable filter or a reusable filter. To purchase a reusable filter, a person can use the measurements on the old filter. When these are not visible, the width, height, and depth of the old filter should be measured. A reusable filter should be removed with care and taken outside for cleaning. The majority of the surface contents can be suctioned off with a vacuum. A cleaning solution and sponge can be used to wash the filter afterwards.

Helping a central AC system treat air with proper filter changing will enhance the air quality in a home. It can also help protect household goods from being covered with these undesirable substances. For more information on air filters and AC services, a person can visit website domain. This company can handle services for both residential and commercial customers.

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