How to Care for Marble Countertops

Marble countertops add an elegant touch to any kitchen, bathroom, or utility area. A lot of care goes into choosing the right colors, style, and overall look of marble, and once it’s installed, the lifespan of marble is usually many decades. However, real marble is often very heavy and expensive. Many commercial building designers go with the lighter and more affordable option of terrazzo marble. It is every bit as durable, and more easily customized. Caring for terrazzo marble countertops is also a bit easier. Let’s compare the two to show you what we mean.

Caring for True Marble

Marble can get both scratched and stained, although it’s not a huge concern if you are careful with your counter-tops. You do need a waxy sealant to keep the marble protected, and you’ll also need to be careful about always using coasters, cutting boards, and wiping up spills right away. Vacuuming marble is better to clean off dust or debris than wiping it because cleaners that are either acidic or abrasive can cause unnecessary wear. And if marble gets stained, you’ll need to use a poultice paste that takes up to a full 24 hours to clean the stain away.

Caring for Terrazzo Marble

With terrazzo marble, you don’t have to be as careful. This type of marble is made of marble and cement mixed and is then sealed with a protective layer. It was designed to be a floor solution for high-traffic areas, where shoes, furniture, rolling carts, and many other things are constantly moving across the surface. Therefore, you don’t have to worry as much about things like coasters or cleaning up spills the very second they happen. All you need to do to keep a marble countertop looking clean is to wipe it down with a pH-neutral cleaner and warm water. Occasionally, the clear protective layer will need to be re-applied to extend the lifespan of this type of counter.

With just those two simple maintenance tasks, neither of which need to be done regularly, you can keep a terrazzo marble counter looking brand new for up to 75 years, or even longer in some cases. And the design options are limitless. If you can design it, it can be made in terrazzo marble. Not to mention it’s eco-friendly as well! Compare this to caring for real marble, and it’s easy to see why terrazzo has become so popular.

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