How Teeth Whitening in NYC Works

The aim of Teeth Whitening in NYC is to remove external staining of the teeth caused by tobacco and pigments in foods and beverages, especially if proper dental hygiene is maintained. During this process millions of microscopic pores will eventually allow the passage of organic compounds to penetrate the dentin, causing the bleaching process. Regular dental cleaning (every six months) and the regular use of whitening toothpaste could maintain the natural color of teeth. Otherwise persistent tooth whitening or placing veneers are your only chances of success.

Tooth whitening is based on using so-called bleaching agents, usually carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide at different concentrations. These gels work by causing oxygen to permeate through the pores of the enamel and dentin. This causes the decomposition of organic compounds trapped in small particles, which reflect light better and, therefore, lighten the color of the teeth. The fact that these bleaching agents penetrate the dentin may cause increased sensitivity to teeth for a short time.

Whitening treatments are performed by placing the whitening gel in a tray which is then inserted into the dental arch, where it should stay for one to two hours a day for at least two weeks. It can be performed in the doctor’s office or at home, under supervision. Dental practices use teeth whitening gels with hydrogen peroxide whose activity is accelerated by exposure to bright lights (LED, plasma arc or halogen). This is what dentistry calls “photo-activation” and it significantly reduces the time that teeth are exposed to whitening gel. Also, both the dentist and the patient should protect their eyes with goggles during the treatment.

This type of treatment can be followed-up with another one that is performed at home by the method described above. The tooth whitening gel remains active even after application, which is why the patient is to avoid foods or beverages with high concentration of pigments or dyes for 24 hours. They should also refrain from smoking as well. Although many types of kits are sold for Teeth Whitening in NYC, it is recommended that this type of treatment is always carried out under the supervision of a dentist.

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