How Steam Cleaning Gives You the Cleanest Carpets

If you have pets, children or simply spend a lot of time on your carpets, you’ll need to clean them regularly. While scrubbing with a sponge and a squirt of detergent can reduce the most obvious stains, effectively removing odors and embedded dirt and discoloration requires more effort. Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning. A professional Roselle carpet cleaning service can give your carpet a steam clean that will make them almost like new.

Steam vs Hot Water

Though commonly called “steam cleaning,” carpet cleaning does not actually use steam, as its heat can damage or melt carpet fibers. The standard method is more appropriately referred to as hot water extraction, as it involves spraying high-pressure heated water and cleaning chemicals onto the carpet, then using a liquid vacuum cleaner to suck up the water and the dirt and stains with it. When properly administered, this technique can effectively clean the deepest carpet pile.

Cleaning Agents

Because water alone is not enough to dissolve certain stains and odors, Roselle carpet cleaning treats the heated water with chemical agents to assist the process. Depending on the nature of the carpeting, different chemicals may be used. Woolen and other natural fiber carpets are usually treated with acidic agents like vinegar, while synthetic carpets require with more alkaline solutions such as ammonia. Carbonation can assist in removing organic stains.

One advantage of hot water extraction is that most of the cleaning chemicals are vacuumed back up along with the dirt and water, rather than lingering on the carpet. To completely ensure the wellbeing of your home and pets, look for a service that offers environmentally safe, green-certified cleaning products.

Drying Carpets

Any Roselle carpet cleaning method that uses water must ensure that the carpets are completely dried afterwards to avoid mildew and smells. While steam cleaning uses more water than shampooing, when professional-grade vacuuming equipment is correctly employed, the majority of the water is extracted in the process. Truck mounted carpet cleaners offer extra power and heat that can make for even faster drying times. Increased ventilation will also assist in drying, such as setting up a fan or turning up the air conditioning.

Steam cleaning is an essential tool of quality Roselle carpet cleaning. Whether you’re looking to remove stains, pet odors or refresh the overall state of your rugs, steam cleaning from a Roselle carpet cleaning service uses hot water and safe cleaning agents to give your carpets a deep and thorough cleanse.

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