How SAAS Solutions Are Helping Consumers Track the Food Production Journey?

How SAAS Solutions Are Helping Consumers Track the Food Production Journey? In recent years, food safety has become a primary concern of consumers. For instance, most consumers are unaware of the origin of poultry products they buy from the food store. The poultry may have been slaughtered in an unhygienic condition in a third-world country or it may contain steroids injected in a high-tech farm in North America. In both these instances, the consumer is unaware of the supply chain and the handling process.

Under these conditions, many organic farms and health-focused food producers are turning towards a supply chain structure that can create awareness among consumers regarding the whereabouts of food that they eat. Food managers are eagerly taking help from the supply chain management software that can help keep track of the food from the origin to the delivery.

Some well-known agritech companies are experimenting with high-end technologies such as blockchain to enable consumers to track the food journey from the food farm to the grocery store. By doing so, they want to ensure that the consumer is aware of each transaction and touchpoint during every stage of the food transportation from retail to farm. The focus is to create visibility and transparency for everyone so the buyer can decide if to buy the food or to trust another producer.

Using an innovative supply chain management software, the Cambridge based SourceTrace is among the leading organizations that are working with food producers in 28 countries to offer sustainable solutions. They offer farm management software, agriculture data management, and food traceability solutions to supply chain management. For more information, you can contact SourceTrace at

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