How Quality Gutter Repair Service In Connecticut Can Prevent Home Foundation Problems

If your gutters aren’t working properly to drain water away from your home, this could lead to home foundation problems in the future. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn why you need to contact a company for Quality Gutter Repair Service in Connecticut when your gutters are faulty.

Q.) How can broken gutters cause foundation problems?

A.) Gutters are made to catch the water that runs off your roof. As the water flows through the gutters, it reaches the downspouts where it’s directed away from your house. When your gutters need to be repaired, the water can spill off the sides of your gutters and it will settle next to your foundation. As the water continually soaks into the ground around your foundation, it saturates the soil and causes it to expand. This puts pressure on your foundation walls and this force can cause the walls to shift inward. Another foundation issue occurs if the water causes the earth next to your foundation to wear away. As this erosion takes place, your foundation can shift and cause structural damage to your home.

Q.) How will a company that performs gutter repairs fix the gutters to prevent foundation problems?

A.) After inspecting your gutters, a contractor who works for a Quality Gutter Repair Service in Connecticut will start making the necessary repairs. If your gutters are hanging loose from your roof, the contractor can replace the broken hangers with new ones. If the seams or joints in your gutters have broken apart or if they’re loose, the contractor will repair the areas where the gutters join together. If you have holes in your gutters from rust or limb damage, the contractor can apply patch repair to the holes. If your gutters have too much damage, consider replacing your gutters instead of repairing them to prevent foundation problems in the future.

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