How Out-the-Front Style Assisted Opening EDC Pocket Knives WorkOut

The-front knives are an excellent option for those who find opening traditional knives to be a difficult chore. An OTF pocket knife ejects a blade out the front of the handle with the slide of a single control. Since they deploy so quickly, they’re also a good choice for those who need quick one-handed access to their pocket knife. Some of these are even offered in budget variants, which has been good news for individuals who’ve been known get a little sticker shock when exploring the world of collectible knives.

OTF Pocket Knife Uses

Naturally, people have long promoted the OTF pocket knife pattern due to its use in self-defense applications. However, it’s also been highly sought after by those who work in technical careers and need something that can shoot out at a moment’s notice.

If you’ve ever found that you can’t put something down just to open your knife up, then an OTF model might be the right pick for you. Those who currently use a button-deployed knife that requires a great deal of header space will certainly be happy with how much less an OTF style blade takes up.

On top of this, they open more readily than unassisted ones that require you to use a thumb stud or hole to open up. They also often make use of better steel than a traditional consumer-grade pocket knife might. When you’re ready to learn more about what OTF knives are on the market, make sure to visit Viper-tec Knives at

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