How Metal Fabrication in Seattle, WA Serves the Business Community

Area metal fabrication shops play a critical part in Seattle’s business community and economy by creating custom metal structures. Shops such as Specialty Metals usually bid on projects based on engineering drawings and, when they get jobs, complete them using processes that include welding, forming, and machining.

During Metal Fabrication Seattle WA technicians use a combination of automated processes and manual labor. Their work is in demand by a wide range of industries that include HVAC, aerospace, and building companies.

The Role of Metal Fabrication

Metal is necessary to manufacture thousands of machines and structures, but in most cases, it must be shaped into specific forms or products before it can be used. The work is done by experts who create anything from hand railing to heavy machinery.

There are subsectors in the metal fabrication industry that specialize in hand tools, cutlery, structural and architectural metals. They can also provide hardware, spring, wire, nut, and bolt manufacturing as well as stamping and forging. Rather than go to several shops for Metal Fabrication Seattle WA companies generally deal with a single business that offers the entire range of services.

A Variety of Industries Use Metal Fabrication Services

Metal fabrication is essential to thousands of companies within dozens of industries. Technicians create the ductwork and accessories for HVAC companies and custom items like fire escapes and railings for builders. Craftsmen build specialty parts for the aerospace industry. Farmers who need tractor parts often visit sites like and use a “click Here” option to contact experts who can build custom replacements. Metal fabrication is also critical to companies that make everyday items like cans, keys, pots, pans, and hinges.

Types of Processes Used in Metal Fabrication

The craftsmen who make custom metal projects use a variety of processes that include cutting, folding, welding, and machining. They might also shear, punch, stamp, and cast metal. Also, most shops provide metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, alloys, and hard to find products like titanium or brass.

Metal is necessary to make millions of products used in industries that include aerospace, HVAC, and construction companies. Specialty fabricators process most of the required metal into usable structures using a range of processes.

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