How LinkedIn Can Be Your Best Friend for Prospecting

After frustrating traditional marketing, adding social media and email activities for your company is relatively straightforward. Have you tried LinkedIn prospecting? This is a wonderful resource that many companies forget about because they regard LinkedIn as a tool for finding jobs and meeting old friends while networking.

Finding Companies, You Didn’t Know About

One of the many advantages of using LinkedIn is to stumble across companies you may never have known before. When you search for companies, you will find people and businesses that you know both by location and job description. Many individuals stay within the same type of working environment. By clicking on these prospects and checking out who they previously worked with, you may quickly find several new companies in your chosen field.

In close relation to this, some of the best LinkedIn prospecting is found by searching your competitors and see who they link with closely and repeatedly, across this busy website.

Follow Your Contacts

The next route of your planned activities is to follow those new potential contacts and learn a little about them. You can then use this newfound information to boost your LinkedIn prospecting. You can contact the company and introduce yourself and your company while relating that personal information into the conversation.

When you appear as a real contact, the personal communication brings an instant bond and trust and your new prospect is more likely to read or listen to your pitch rather than canceling the discussion immediately.

Another route that boosts your LinkedIn prospecting is to stay in contact with individuals as they move to a new company. As suggested above, many prospects will stay within the same industry, and when these individuals move into a similar or upgraded job with another company, this may provide you with access to a new business arena.

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