How Emotional Distress Plays a Role in Personal Injury Cases in Van Nuys

When people talk about personal injuries, they often focus on the physical injury the victim sustains. It is easy to overlook the emotional distress that accident victims experience. Emotional distress can play a large role in the way a person recovers in the days, weeks and years following an accident.

Personal injury attorneys in Van Nuys may work with their clients to determine whether or not emotional distress damages should be sought. The purpose of emotional distress damages is to compensate a person for the psychological impact the injury they sustained has had on their life.

Emotional distress may manifest itself in different ways. Some people experience sleep loss, fear, and anxiety. Others battle with humiliation, depression, and a feeling of losing control over their life. Emotional distress following an accident is something that is subjective. There is no hard and fast definition of what it is.

Personal injury attorneys in Van Nuys may recommend that their clients document their emotional distress. For some, the emotional distress resulting from an accident leads them to seek medical treatment from a psychiatrist or psychologist. Documenting emotional distress could include keeping a daily journal or diary and recording how one feels and is recovering after the accident.

Agoraphobia (fear of getting behind the wheel after an accident) and depression are just a few examples of the emotional distress a person could experience following an accident.

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