How does a personal injury lawyer handle your case?

If you are injured, either physically or mentally and you have reason to believe that the injury is the direct result of carelessness or negligence on the part of another person or entity you will be well advised to seek the counsel of an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer. In cases where negligence is the mitigating factor a seasoned lawyer is going to prove to be your biggest asset as it is the lawyer that will get the maximum settlement on your behalf, either through skillful negotiations or in front of a judge and jury. Cases under tort law are subject to a statute of limitations which means you only have a certain period of time to take legal action. Getting a lawyer is very important as all the details and specifics of the case are vital and any one of them can be a significant factor when preparing the case. The claim must be made in a timely fashion and every detail is important to presenting your case in a positive light.

Once you have taken the step to pursue compensation and you have hired your personal injury lawyer, you and your lawyer will meet and discuss all the details which surround your case. It is at this early meeting that your lawyer will offer his or her opinion if the case will prosper and stand up in court if it goes that far. Seasoned personal injury lawyers spend countless hours in courtrooms, they have heard at one time or another every conceivable protestation of innocence there is. It is extremely important to you and the lawyer that your injury was indeed caused by negligence and that the case can be presented honestly. In the vast majority of cases a personal injury lawyer does not work on a fee basis, they work on contingency. Contingency is an agreement made between you and the lawyer which determines the percentage of the award that he or she will get once the case is successfully settled. As the lawyer will be putting a lot of work and time into your case preparation and presentation you can expect them to be brutally honest, you will know up front what your chances of winning are. An Alpharetta personal injury lawyer does not want to waste your time or his pursing a case that appears to be futile.

Once the lawyer is of the opinion that there is a strong case with a very strong possibility of success then the lawyer will begin preparing to support the claim. In criminal law one is innocent until proven guilty; in personal injury cases it is up to the injured party to prove that the defendant is guilty, hence the need for a good lawyer.

Personal injury cases are very time sensitive and can be quite complicated. If you have suffered an injury due to someone’s negligence then you will need an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer to purse your claim for compensation. You are invited to contact The Millard Law Firm.

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