How Do the Dentists in Canyon, Texas Repair Tooth Damage?

Tooth damage occurs in so many different ways and can affect people of all ages. Even if your oral health is prime, you could still be involved in some type of accident that causes an injury to occur. Though tooth damage ranges from mild to severe, all types have treatment options. Through the dentists in Canyon, Texas, your teeth can be repaired, if you are seen promptly, so you can avoid losing your tooth or experiencing further damage. This information will give you a good idea of how repair treatments can improve the stability of your tooth.

Information on Repair Options for Tooth Injuries

* For simple cracks in your tooth, the dentists in Canyon, Texas will use a special dental repair compound. This compound is light-sensitive and hardens quickly. The compound will be smoothed into the cracks in your tooth and the excess compound will be removed. Using a special light, the dentist will harden the compound material, so your cracks are sealed and your tooth structure is made stronger. For most cracks, this is sufficient for treatment.

* If a piece of your tooth has been broken off, it cannot be put back in place. Instead, the dentist will smooth down any rough edges and may need to fill your tooth, if the nerve or inner tissue is exposed. Filling the tooth will protect it from further damage and keep you from feeling any pain. If a large section of your tooth is broken, you may need to have a crown put into place, to cover your tooth and keep it protected.

* In the event you experience blunt trauma and your tooth is completely knocked out, there is hope of saving it. Dentists recommend you place the tooth in a cup of cool water or milk and get to the dentist right away. In some cases, the tooth can be placed back into the socket, where it will eventually bond with the gum tissue again.

If you experience a tooth injury it is crucial to get to your dentist as soon as possible. Panhandle Dental can help you with a wide range of dental concerns, so your smile stays healthy.

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