How Do Low Air Loss Mattress Systems Work?

When it comes to providing supportive sleeping, a low air loss mattress may be the ideal way to go. This type of mattress is rather unique in that it has a large number of very small air holes in the top of the mattress. There is a constant and significant amount of air blown out of these holes on a consistent basis. This system works to help to keep the patient in a more float like position. As a result of this, it may help to provide a number of benefits to the patient, including helping them to be able to remain in a lying position longer without the high risk of developing bed sores.

Why Use These Mattresses?

There is a wide range of benefits from a low air loss mattress For those patients who have developed skin ulcers, it is very important for this type of non-pressure system to be used. It is the preferred method, in fact, for the treatment of such conditions. It can work to prevent and treat them because it helps to keep the surface of the body from direct pressure contact with the mattress. Because of the way it works to reduce skin interface pressure at the surface of the mattress, it provides a solution to the most common cause of bed sores. The system does not allow moisture to build up – in fact; moisture is wicked away instantly. The patient remains dry. It is the moisture build up in this area that causes the development of bed sores as a result of the skin breaking down.

With the use of a low air loss mattress, patients remain comfortable as well as in a more relaxed state. They are less likely to face infections and other complications from bed sores, too.

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