How Broken Valve Springs Can Affect Your Engine

Within the engine of an automobile, there are a number of different parts that all work together in order to achieve the primary goal of converting chemical energy from a fuel into mechanical energy. All of these parts bolt together to keep your car on the road.

What Is the Purpose of a Valve Spring?

Valves are used to control the exhaust and inlet of an internal combustion engine. The number of valves in the engine depends specifically on the number of cylinders. There are multiple engine valves for each cylinder. Some are for the inlet of a mixture of air and fuel inside the cylinder, others are for the exhaust of combustion gases.

A strong spring is used to fit the valves in the port at the cylinder head. The spring works to keep the valve closed. There is at least one spring for each valve within the cylinder.

What Causes a Broken Valve Spring?

In order to maintain proper valve operation at normal speeds, all of the valve springs have to exert a specific amount of pressure. Therefore, weak or low valve spring pressure can cause the valves to fail to seal completely. The pressure that is too high can lead to premature wear on other parts within the drivetrain. Valve spring failure causes can stem from age, low pressure overworking the spring, or binding.

Weak Valve Spring Symptoms

If you notice a loss of power or misfiring as the speed of your car engine increases, then you probably have a weak valve spring.

Broken Exhaust Valve Spring Symptoms

If you have a broken valve spring, it will most likely not be able to hold the valve shut. This will lead to a steady loss of power and miss across all engine speeds. A broken engine valve can make it possible for the keepers holding the spring retainer to fall out. This will allow the valve to fall into the cylinder head and combustion chamber, leading to a broken intake valve, piston, or cylinder head and resulting in catastrophic engine failure.

What to Do about Damaged Valves in Engines?

Like all other aspects of day-to-day life, there has been a rise in valve spring replacement costs. Therefore, it is important to save money whenever possible. If your car requires engine valve removal or new valve spring assembly, contact the specialists at Champs Family Automotive. Whether you need a car cylinder valve or just a simple oil change, we have got you covered.