How Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta Help Arrested Persons Regain Their Freedom

The bail system has a long history, beginning in England during the late Middle Ages. People learned they could post cash or land to gain their release or the release of a relative while waiting for trial. Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta help with this type of arrangement today, allowing lower-income individuals and those without assets to have bail posted for a fee. They also help people who have assets like real estate but are required by the court to pay bail in cash.

The Need for Collateral

Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta sometimes offer the arrangement with no collateral, but they must consider the possibility that the person is a flight risk. Unless the individual who was arrested has strong ties to the community, such as a family, a long-standing job, or an established business, the possibility of running away factors into the equation.

The collateral required for the bond can still be significantly lower than would be required when posting cash bail directly with the court. In addition, in many situations, the court or existing regulations mandate that bail be paid in cash only. The only exception would be a bond offered by a licensed bonding service, which then essentially accepts responsibility for the individual appearing in court as scheduled.

Paying the Fee

The person also must be able to afford the fee for the service, which has limits set by the state. If this individual has no savings at all, he or she may be able to acquire the money from a friend or family member. Credit card cash advances and installment loans also can supply the necessary cash if the person has access to those types of credit.

Consequences of Staying in Jail

The individual may hate borrowing money this way, but when the only alternative is to remain in jail, worse consequences can occur. Termination from the person’s job can happen, for example. A parent may lose custody of the children to the ex-spouse. Receiving help from a company like Free at Last Bail Bonds is a more favourable solution. Anyone who needs this kind of assistance may click here to get started.

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