How Athlete Training Transforms Your Body

There’s nothing like quality athlete training in Jacksonville that leaves your body looking like you practiced weightlifting and intense cardio your whole life. High school and college sports keep many fitness buffs ripped in their teens and early twenties. The problem for most people afterward is that, unless you are a professional athlete, it’s hard to find adult athlete training programs with the same level of vigor and results.

Develop a Routine

Athlete training programs in Jacksonville should offer sessions three or more days a week and ensure that you reach 85 to 100 percent of your maximum heart rate during short intervals. Believe it or not, this agonizing, lung-bursting exercise with short rest periods whips your metabolism into overdrive. So, you burn calories and build lean muscle mass like you were back in high school going to football, track, or cheer practice every night of the week.

Be Dynamic

Jacksonville athlete training programs that achieve results most effectively incorporate isometric and complex exercises that build your body up muscle by muscle and then mix it all up to achieve uniform development. This is similar to the focused drills sports teams practice to build up an athlete’s legs, arms, back and body core, followed by the all-out effort needed to become a championship team on game days.

This technique builds overall strength in muscles and joints, helping to prevent injuries. Complex exercises also incinerate fat and transform your physique.

Back to Basics

By returning to core exercises designed to push performance, you take the excuse out of your athlete training in Jacksonville. Replace it with improved flexibility, balance and the coordination of a touchdown quarterback.

Quick, intense moves such as jumping, running, and throwing do more to cut muscle than hours in the gym lifting weights. Don’t underestimate how lean and powerful you can be even at after a certain age.

SASS stands for speed agility sport specific training. This Jacksonville athlete training program offers natural athletic training designed to help adults gain lean and fit bodies.

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